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SPC School Board


When Southport Presbyterian Nursery School was first formed in 1978, it was governed by an “Oversight Committee” made up of church members, a part-time administrator, teachers and parents.  That format was concluded at the end of the 1988-89 school year.  The official name was changed to Southport Presbyterian Christian School.  The format of the current Board of Directors became an eleven member (church membership required) board with three non-voting members—a church liaison pastor, SPCS principal and Assistant Principal (2015)  The SPCS Board derives its authority from the governing Session of Southport Presbyterian Church through the Nurturing Ministries.

SPCS Board objectives are as follows:

The board shall oversee the operation of SPCS to ensure the achievement of the SPCS Mission Statement and SPCS Goals for which the school was created.

The board shall act as a liaison between the school and the Session of Southport Presbyterian Church.

The board shall make church reports regarding the operation of SPCS.  The board meets monthly and has specific officers to carry out board duties.  Nine voting members serve a three-year term (unless otherwise designated) beginning in July prior to the school year and ending in June at the conclusion of a school year.  Board members serve on committees and as officers.  




Adam Decker--President

Darcy Burton

Susan Due

Jenny Hine

Ann Hunt

Judy Wilson

Steve McGee--Trustee Representative

Steven Perron--Session Representative

Kelley Blakely--Session Representative

Shomaker, Christi        Asst. Principal

Hoffman, Shana           Principal