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   All classes participate in daily prayers and a prayer before eating snacks or a meal.  Christian stories and events are taught throughout age levels.  Every concept is based on the Bible and on Jesus Christ’s teachings.  Our music, art, and library programs reinforce these Christian concepts.

   An annual Christmas Pageant is performed by the four year old classes through Kindergarten, acting out the birth of Jesus.  Elementary students (grades 1-5) will have a Christmas and Spring Music Program.  They will also perform at our annual Veterans Day Program in November.  The Kindergarten classes reenact the Easter story in the spring and the Three Year old classes perform a spring program. 

      Appropriate developmental learning tasks are the basis throughout our Preschool and Primary grade curriculum.  Each child is encouraged to progress at his/her own pace.  At the same time, we teach individual responsibilities so children can determine that “learning is fun.”  A language-based reading readiness curriculum begins in our Two’s program and continues through Pre-Kindergarten.  We emphasize a thorough knowledge of letter sounds and phonetic sequence as well as one-to-one relationships in math readiness.

    SPCS earned full accreditation in 2000 and is currently a Freeway Accredited school by the State of Indiana.  SPCS strives to achieve academic excellence while adhering to state standards and mandates.  The SPCS Elementary Curriculum emphasizes teachings from the Bible, the inspired word of God.  Our Bible Curriculum is centered around the Westminster Shorter Catechisms.  Students have memory verses and attend weekly Chapel.  All academic subjects are taught from a Christian perspective.  Each teacher is a Christian with a degree and teaching license in elementary education. 

  Reading is reinforced via a phonetic approach and each grade level receives additional skill-building.  The traditional reading curriculum is integrated into an upgraded primary approach with a literature program.  At times, the elementary students are grouped into small combinations of grade levels for hands-on activities.  Classroom projects are incorporated with literature themes which give children opportunities to utilize innovative materials.  Teachers plan ways to integrate the literature shared in this program with other subject matter.  The Meijer Accelerated Reader Program offers a host of 160,000 book quizzes on each child’s reading level and fun incentives, prizes and monetary awards from the local Meijer Store.

   Each elementary class receives weekly instruction in art, music, library, computer and P.E.  Specially trained staff members provide these classes for our students in addition to regular activities.

   Computers are available in all elementary classrooms.   They provide a significant component to keep us current with technological curriculum.  The Portable Computer Lab houses twenty-three computers   Third through Fifth grade students have their own Chrome Book Computer which can be used to complete assignments, do research and work to complete homework. 



    The SPCS Board of Directors and Teachers have the following goals:

I.  To help each child grow in awareness of God and His Son, Jesus.

II.  To help each child see him/herself as a child of God and as an important part of God’s plan.

 A.   To grow in an understanding what God expects.

 B. To grow in understanding and accepting him/herself.

 C.   To grow in recognizing one’s strengths/weaknesses.

III.To help each child see other people as children of God and as an important part of God’s plan.

 A.   To grow in an understanding of what God expects in a relationship with other people.

 B.   To grow in understanding and accepting other people.

 C.   To grow in accepting strengths/weaknesses of others.

IV.       To help each child understand God’s world.

 A.   To see God’s order in nature.

 B.   To appreciate God’s love displayed in living things.

V. To help each parent grow in a personal relationship with God.

A.   To develop an understanding of his or her child.

B.  To grow in Christian ways of raising his or her child.

To accomplish these goals, SPCS will provide the following:

 A.   An atmosphere in which children and teachers are living the Christian faith.

 B.   A program in which a loving, caring Christian attitude helps build confidence and self-esteem.

C.  A program which uses a developmental, problem-solving approach as it offers the highest caliber of education in Two’s (Preschool) through Fifth Grade.