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Class Descriptions


SPCS class placement is based primarily on the child’s BIRTH DATE. This placement allows children to interact with peers around his/her own age and developmental abilities. The curriculum has been chosen to meet the specific needs within each age level. Our goal is to help every child reach his or her potential in an environment which best suits his/her individual needs and to provide every child an opportunity to gain confidence and self worth prior to entry into Kindergarten.


Curriculuar Objectives:

1. All SPCS Preschool lessons are planned to be Christ-centered, hands-on and experiential, and developmentally appropriate for each age group.

2. Biblical curriculum founded on the Children's Catechism/Westminster Shorter Catechism.

3. Academic curriculum meets Indiana's Early Learning Foundations and ISTAR-KR standards.


What if my child is not ready for kindergarten after one year of Pre-K?

It is not uncommon for some children to need a little more time to grow socially and academically. Parents may choose to re-enroll for Pre-K for another year and will be placed with a different teacher. Though the curriculum guidelines are the same, each teacher has their own approach including crafts, station activities, and special celebrations that make their class a unique experience. A second year of Pre-K may also include a different daily schedule for the child such as a full day or more class meetings per week compared to their prior experience.