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Preschool Plus

What is Preschool Plus?

Preschool Plus is a wonderful option for those families desiring a full-day of school for their child. It provides preschool enrichment activities before or after the standard preschool class time. Children attend their standard preschool class for half the day and then the preschool plus class the other half of the day.


What is Preschool Plus NOT?

Preschool Plus is not daycare. It is offered only on the days your child attends preschool as it is an extension of the preschool day.


What are the benefits of Preschool Plus?

1. Your preschool child will have the same school hours as your elementary child, 8:15 a.m. - 3:15 p.m.

2. Delicious hot lunches from the SPC Food Ministry if you choose not to pack a lunch.

3. Dedicated and loving teachers who will work closely with classroom teachers to provide a personal experience for your child’s needs.

4. Carefully prepared enrichment activities that encourage the mastery of preschool skills practiced in class.

5. Peace of mind knowing that your child is in a loving and educational Christian environment.


Please contact Mrs. Shomaker at with any questions.