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Preschool Remote Learning

How will teachers communicate remote learning with preschool?

Teachers will send out their lesson plans for the day by 8:30 AM on the days that the students would normally have preschool classes. Each day could include instruction, circle time, movement, music, library, art, or a combination of these subjects.
Lesson plans will include the links for video-conferencing, recorded videos, or activities for the day.


How will students be contacted?

Contact will be made primarily through Google Classroom, Zoom, Google Meet, and email. Meeting frequently is important to build relationships with students.

What will the contents of the lessons be?

Each lesson plan will support the scope and sequence set forth for the 2020-2021 school year. 


What supplies do I need?

Supply packets will be provided each month with classroom activities from their class. Parents will need to pick up their packets on the first Friday of each month at the school.

What are some important skills I should be helping with?

Parents of 3’s and Pre-K children: The most important areas to focus on are a continued practice with identifying upper and lower case letters and articulating their sounds. It is important to work on counting as well as identifying numbers out of sequence. Teachers will provide links for Zoo-phonics that will help assist you with this. 
Fine motor skills are vital for all students to continue working on, 2’s through Pre-K. Anything you can do to help strengthen hand muscles is essential such as play dough, coloring, tracing, pinching clothespins/ chopsticks, etc.