Southport Presbyterian Christian School is a ministry of Southport Presbyterian Church.
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Welcome to the Southport Presbyterian Christian School home page. SPCS is located on the southside of Indianapolis on the border of Perry Township and Franklin Township. We’re near Emerson between Stop 11 and Southport Road.


SPCS is a fully state accredited elementary school serving kindergartners through fifth grade for the 2015-16 school year. Our preschool includes classes for two year olds through pre-kindergarten. Our teachers are our greatest resource. Each member is a dedicated Christian with excellent educational background. Each has the commitment and desire to serve children in the best way possible. Our outstanding staff provides classes in Social Studies, Language Arts, Saxon Math,Bible Classes, Science, Art, Band or Chorus.


Information about each elementary school class such as class news, can be found in the Elementary Classes sections. For more information on the preschool classes, please visit A Note from the Administrator under the Preschool classes section.



What Parents Say

"We loved that our daughter is excited to go to school and that she loves her teachers. They are the best!" - Mrs. Feldman 2D3’s
"I think SPCS is able to offer families an organized faith-based atmosphere with a variety of activities for students and family members alike."- Mrs. Gookins 2D3’s
"SPCS staff has been a wonderful, educational experience for both of my daughters. They love SPCS and the staff!" - Mrs. Ringham 2D3’s
"So inviting! My son’s class was awesome! He did so much in the 2D3’s!"- Mrs. Matis 2D3’s
"We have been very happy with everything and everyone at SPCS. The teachers are wonderful. My son loves going to school and always has great things to say about his morning at school." - Mrs. Treadwell- 2D3’s
"I am so happy with my daughter’s spiritual growth!" - Mrs. McKinney- 2D3’s
"You have the best teachers. They are so warm, loving, and genuinely excited to be with the kids. My daughters both love going to school to see their teachers. As a parent, I couldn’t ask for anything more than to know I’m leaving my girls with people who love them as much as I do!" - Mrs. Brown 3D3’s
"SPCS preschool is much more than a is like a family. Everyone truly cares about the children and their academic, personal, and spiritual growth. We are truly thankful that our daughter is establishing a love of learning in a Christ-centered atmosphere. SPCS preschool is a huge blessing to our family!" Mrs. Potter- 3D3’s
"SPCS Preschool is wonderful! I am very impressed. All of the teachers are wonderful and show so much love and dedication to the children." - Mrs. Raymann 3D3’s
"Excellent staff and teaching capabilities." - Mr. and Mrs. Mowery 4’s
"The size of the classrooms (teacher/ student ratio) is small which helps my child feel he gets the attention he needs and not just feel like another number. I enjoy the fact my child is known by all his teachers without thought." - Mr. Williams
"Great spiritual program with caring teaching staff" - Mrs. Blodgett - 4’s
"Wonderful teachers and staff would recommend this preschool to everyone. We are planning on sending our youngest to SPCS Preschool also." - Mrs. Stringer 4’s
"The SPCS Preschool staff is outstanding! We’ve loved all six teachers which our family has had. They are full of joy!" - Mrs. Mahoney 4’s
"Our daughter has learned so much at SPCS Preschool! We love how she is taught about God, Jesus, and the Bible. We love how they pray in class. SPCS is a wonderful school. We can’t say enough good things about it! We would highly recommend SPCS preschool to others. This was our daughter’s first year in preschool. Thank you for making it such a wonderful experience! "- Mrs. Gonzales 4’s
"We love SPCS Preschool so much that our little boy will start also in the fall. We love the school and everyone in it. We couldn’t have made a better choice! - Mr. and Mrs. Griffith 4’s
"After the administrator gave me a tour and answered our questions, we were very comfortable about sending our child to SPCS. My daughter has loved everything about the school and would not miss a day for any other activity presented. She is having a wonderful experience." -Mrs. Sondag 4’s
"The 4’s teachers are amazing teachers. I couldn’t have asked for more caring and patient teachers for my son." - Mrs. Sarellano 4’s
"The teachers have both set the standard for high expectations. They both do a wonderful job in teaching, interacting, and communicating with our son. He looks forward to school every day and loves being there." - Mrs. Christine Lewis 4’s
"The teachers have been great and have made my son love going to school. I feel that he is ready to move to kindergarten thanks to everything he has learned at SPCS." - Mrs. Brandi Phoenix 4’s
"The staff and teachers are wonderful, caring, and professional. The atmosphere is friendly and inviting."- Mrs. Palus 4’s
"I think the Pre-K teachers do a wonderful job. I love how patient they are with the students." - Mrs. Elaine Sullivan Pre-K
"Everyone is so kind." - Mrs. Linda Miller Pre-K
"I think the Pre-K teacher did a wonderful job teaching my child. She is loving and clearly has a heart for children. I have really enjoyed this year with her and am more than pleased with how she led and set a positive example for my child." - Melissa Wallisa Pre-K
"We have been so pleased with SPCS. It has been a real struggle to afford to send our child to your school but we can honestly say it has been money well spent and we will continue to do whatever we can to make that happen." - Mrs. Smith (Kindergarten)
"This is our first year with SPCS and we are delighted with everything. Miss Dragoo has been wonderful! You could not ask for a more dedicated teacher!" – Mr. Coy (First Grade)
"Thank you for all the great educational and spiritual foundation our children have." – Mrs. Kemp (First Grade and Kindergarten )
"One of our children had a student teacher this year. She was amazing! It was definitely a blessing. I am also very thankful that our daughter with food allergies is so well taken care of. The staff really looks out for her and protects her. Our family feels truly blessed to be a part of the SPCS family!" - Mrs. Potter (First and Third Grade)
"Both of my children have gotten a strong foundation for their faith mostly due to their being at this school! Thank you! I will be forever grateful to Mrs. Rose for her part in bringing my son to accept Jesus as his Lord and Savior in first grade!!" – Mrs. Mitchell (Kindergarten and Second Grade)
"The quality of the education at SPCS is excellent and the teachers and classroom assistants are wonderful! We picked SPCS because of the reputation of the teachers as well as the importance of a Christian education. The class sizes are small and allow for extra attention to individual students." Mrs. Decker (Second Grade)
"The faculty and staff are wonderful. I like how everyone knows who my daughter is and they know me." - Fourth Grade parent
"I think SPCS is doing an excellent job! As a parent, it is far more important to me that I know my child is being mentored by adults with a foundation of faith than anything else." - Mrs. Plowman (Fourth Grade)
"We love this school and are so grateful for the opportunity to send our children here. They have learned, made friends, and grown and matured in their faith." (Second and Fourth Grade parent)
"My children are thriving at SPCS. They enjoy school and are learning. They are loved and cared for as well and are learning about living out Christ’s goals for them daily." - Mrs. Hoffman (First, Third, and Fifth grade)
"My son receives a quality education in a caring Christian environment. The faculty and staff are top notch." – Mr. Peters (Sixth grade)
"My daughter is achieving a great level of academic experience supplemented with a firm foundation in Biblical principles and standards." - Mr. Dall (Sixth grade)

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