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What makes us different?

SPCS earned full accreditation in 2000 and is currently a Freeway Accredited school by the State of Indiana.  SPCS strives to achieve academic excellence while adhering to state standards and mandates.  The SPCS Elementary Curriculum emphasizes teachings from the Bible, the inspired word of God.  Our Bible Curriculum is centered around the Westminster Shorter Catechisms.  Students have memory verses and attend weekly Chapel.  All academic subjects are taught from a Christian perspective.  Each teacher is a Christian with a degree and teaching license in elementary education. 


 Appropriate developmental learning tasks are the basis throughout our Preschool and Primary grade curriculum.  Each child is encouraged to progress at his/her own pace.  At the same time, we teach individual responsibilities so children can determine that “learning is fun.”  A language-based reading readiness curriculum begins in our Two’s program and continues through Pre-Kindergarten.  We emphasize a thorough knowledge of letter sounds and phonetic sequence as well as one-to-one relationships in math readiness.


How do we incorporate Christ in our school?

All classes participate in daily prayers and a prayer before eating snacks or a meal.  Christian stories and events are taught throughout age levels.  Every concept is based on the Bible and on Jesus Christ’s teachings.  Our music, art, and library programs reinforce these Christian concepts.


Chapel is a beautiful time each week when our K-5th grade students pause to worship, praise, and give thanks to God for all He has done. Chapel meets every Friday morning at 9 a.m. The message during Chapel pays special attention to the catechism lesson studied that week, and speakers will use object lessons, games, stories, and more to emphasize and review the biblical teaching previously shared. The students have an opportunity to participate in leading portions of the chapel service. 

Chapel time is also used to celebrate student accomplishments. Children who reach their goals in Accelerated Reader are recognized and rewarded with certificates and small prizes. Chapel closes with our creed and prayer, which sets the stage for the rest of the day and prepares us for the weekend.


An annual Christmas Pageant is performed by the Pre-K classes and Kindergarten class retelling the birth of Jesus.  Elementary students (grades 1-5) will have a Christmas and Spring Music Program.  Elementary classes will also perform our annual Veterans Day Program in November.  The Kindergarten class retells the Easter story in the spring and the three-year-old classes perform a spring program.