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Scholarship Granting Organization (SGO)

The Institute for Quality Education (IQE) has partnered with SPCS to offer our students a $500 scholarship for the school year for kindergarten through fifth grade students. Candidates are approved based on household income requirements established by the Indiana Department of Education. 


If you believe you might qualify for a school choice voucher and your child has never attended public school, obtaining an SGO scholarship is most likely your first step in qualifying for a voucher in the future.


Frequently Asked Questions

Scholarship Qualifications


Contact Mrs. Cover in the school office with further questions at 317-534-2932.

Indiana School Choice Scholarship (school voucher program)

SPCS is a Choice School in the State of Indiana. State funds are made available to those kindergarten through fifth grade students whose household income meets guidelines set by the Indiana Department of Education. If a student's household income meets the state guidelines, that student must then have a track to qualify for the Choice Scholarship. 


Follow this link for more information.  


Contact Mrs. Cover in the school office with any questions at 317-534-2932.